We are really proud to display the beautiful and unique artwork of some exceptionally talented local artists on our bottles. We choose art that we feel portrays the earthy, individualistic and quirky nature of our wines.

Rebekah Tisch lives in Wellington where she works as an artist in the film industry. Her beautiful whimsical art perfectly complements wines such as In a Storm and Wild One.


Rachel Walker is an artist from Wellington who specialises in watercolours - her artwork has featured on many of our wines historically, such as the Weeping Tiger below, and currently adorns our Cloudwalker bottle.


Jen Olsen is a local from the Wairarapa - her art is beautifully twisted, eccentric and raw so obviously a perfect match for our Down The Rabbit Hole (below) and Under Your Skin releases. You will surely be seeing more of her artwork on our bottles in the coming years.dtrh.jpg

Dave Quinlan and the team at Studio XO have done a fantastic job of working with Lance to design some of the more consistent labels which elegantly reflect the biodynamic element of our wines.


We continue to support these artists however we can and hope to work with them and many more talented creatives in the future.

Click the artwork displayed above to follow a link to the website of each artist and see more of their incredible work.




In the past we have collaborated with some of the fantastic local Restauranteurs who are producing incredible food using high quality, locally sourced and fresh ingredients.  Teaming up to combine our wine with food that we feel speaks the same language enables us to be creative using another medium, and support our local foodie friends who have supported us also in our journey.



Saint Sebastian is a relatively new establishment which has opened up in Masterton.  They cook beautiful fresh local seafood and meat on their wood fired grill in house - plus a range of other delicacies - and have a beautiful selection of local and imported wines to match (including ours).

We combined forces at the 2020 Harvest festival, where their Oysters topped with a granita made with our Naturalist Rose was paired for the event with our Down the Rabbit Hole Sauvignon Blanc.




We believe that wine is meant to be enjoyed along side good food and good people and love to work with like minded culinary creatives to bring out the best in all of these elements. We are looking forward to continuing with these and other combined efforts in the future, and to including you in them!